Saturday, July 16, 2005

Privacy is not a family activity.

Overheard conversation between Ganma and Chase at the movie theater:

“…because they won’t let me go in the boy’s restroom and you’re not old enough to go by yourself.”
“Do you know how old I am?” (4)
“Do you know how old your daddy is?”
“…no, but he’s old”
“Does he ever get to go to the bathroom by himself?”
*kicks foot at ground*
“Awwww, man!”

Sunday, July 03, 2005

So sue me...

OK, OK, I know it's been a while. But alot has been going on. Some good, some bad, but not real bad. As usual, work took control of my life, but things are starting to settle down...sorta.

Ganma lost her job, which wasn't really a bad thing. We're OK enough that I've had to rearrange some things, but we'll be alright. Things have settled down in the kid's lives, so we're not having to spend all that money on the lawyers. Ganma tells everyone she's just practicing for retirement.


All three boys have been doing well in their full-time jobs, which is growing up and that is serious work. That also means that I have quite a few stories to tell. And I will....eventually.

Just remember, life is like getting a whip-cream pie in the face on your 4th birthday. "I can not believe y'all did that to ME!" (Chase)